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You are searching for something particular on Internet and you are wondering how to find this information ?

CatayzNet provides you with a list of sites of general interest for your company. The choice is totally arbitrary. These sites are classified as follows:

Search engines
Guides and indexes
Sites of general interest
Various sites
Business and humour

This little choice of sites is far from complete. It will develop with time and according to the birth and death of sites of interest for SMEs.

Search engines

There are two kinds of search engines:
the search by categories enables you to find sites through the use of keywords (ie. area ofactivity). This type is the one to use first.
Textual search is more complete, because it looks for the word in all the pages of all the sites on the Web (!). The results are often discouraging because of the volume. An advice: use a textual search only if the category search failed or was not satisfactory.

Yahoo :

category search.


Yahoo France : category search, french speaking sites.

Yahoo sites automatically perform a textual search with Alta Vista if the research fails.


Infoseek :

category search (with push media technology which requires the use of Microsoft Internet Explorer 4).

Swissguide :

a swiss search engine, with a small guide (search of companies on the Web).

Alta Vista :

textual search. :

textual search within swiss sites. Caution: this search engine is to be avoided if your are not sure the site you are looking for is a .ch site. A . com site of a swiss company will not appear with this search engine! :

textual search within swiss sites, created by Blue Window.

Webdo-services : The swiss Webdo site offers a very complete list of various search engines. Not to be missed!

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Guides and indexes

These guides are sites presenting a wide choice of various categories. It allows you to search without having to guess a keyword.

Netscape guide :

one of the guides...

Startpoint :

less hierarchical than the previous site.

L'index Blue Window :

an index of the companies on the (swiss) Blue Window server. Only in German !

Swiss index : a private-run site, giving links to swiss companies.

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Sites of general interest

These site are entry point to the Web, and will enable you to access to various sites, from the electronic shopping of swiss wines to specialised counsulting for SMEs.

Services followed with ($) are - at least partly - payservices.

Edicom :

Edicom site, one of the most complete of the french speaking part of Switzerland.

Webdo :

the electronic edition of the "Hebdo" magazine, part of Edicom..

Firti :

the chambers of commerce and industry of the french and italian speaking parts of Switzerland. Informations about companies located there.

Dun&Bradstreet Suisse
Dun&Bradstreet Europe
Dun&Bradstreet (Monde)

Dun & Bradstreet ($), respectively Switzerland, Europe and World.

Lowe Smallbiznet :

an american site specialised for SMEs. :

the site of "The Economist Intelligence Unit", economics informations by country and/or by industry ($).

Dialog ou
Knight-Ridder :

access ($) to Knight-Ridder databases (incl. ABIinform), about 400 databases.

Many databases are also available ($) through online services like AOL or Compuserve. The access is subject to subscription, most of these databases are of textual form.

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Various sites

These sites are useful for those of you who want to know more about the Web and its users, or want to be automatically updated on News about Internet and the World.

GVU Surveys :

a half-yearly survey about the profile of Internet users, as well as their attitudes on the hot subjects on the Web.

Nielsen :

the site of Nielsen, which also performs Internet surveys. :

informations about online shopping.

Pointcast :

a site where to download a screensaver which is a "configurable" push media receiver, independant of your browser.

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Business and humour

Business is a serious matter, but self-derision is a good hygiene!

Dilbert The Dilbert Zone: a very satirical - and american - vision of business world.
Dilbert, animated An animated version of the famous Dilbert's toons. Uses the ShockWave plugin.
Dilbert francophone Also Dilbert, but in French.
Lois de Murphy Various Murphy's laws... in French.
About technology Technology through the eyes of an american humourist.

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Last updated : 22 April 2007