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In the special edition of "Les Magazines de l'Agefi" on the new information technologies in the financial area, you can read an article by J.-C. Zwick on the online shopping (published in May 1998).


Projects in progress

Here is a brief description about the mandates in progress, described in such a way to ensure the confidentiality we guarantee to our clients.

Design of a complete marketing plan (analysis of the market, competition, clients' needs and expectations, targeting and action plan) for a subcontracting company. Consulting activity.
Study of purchasing behaviour in the case of purchasing/renting industrial premises. Consulting activity.
Redifinition of the marketing strategy of an insurance broker, to ensure a successful continuation of the business. Coaching in marketing plan design. Consulting-mix activity.


Type of companies we have trained

The companies which have sent one or more of their managers to our seminars are very different, both in size and activity:

Regional work organisation.
Engineers and architects practices.
Independent consultant in information technology.
Clock and watch-making manufacturing.
Medical diagnosis (startup).
Organisations counselling SMEs.
Banks and insurances.
Public transportation companies.
Advertising agencies.
Pharmaceutical industry.

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For more information about our training programmes, click here, or do not hesitate to ask for more information.

Note that the training prestations are available locally only.

Last updated : 22 April 2007