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CatalyzNet Bookstore : Internet Marketing
  In this CatalyzNet bookstore, you will find a selection of marketing books, chosen and commented by our professional.
Here you will get advice in the category Internet Marketing.

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CatalyzNet Bookstore : Internet Marketing

In that category, we recommend the following books :

Multimedia, Hypertext und Internet. Grundlagen und Praxis des elektronisches Publizierens.  Jakob Nielsen.
Designing Web Usability : The Practice of Simplicity  Jakob Nielsen.
Essential Business Tactics for the Net (2nd edition)  Larry Chase, Eileen Shulock.
Internet  Solange Ghernaouti-Helie, Arnaud Dufour, Que sais-je?.
Building Successful Internet Businesses:  David Elderbrock, Nitin Borwankar, Leslie Lesnick.
Marketing on the Internet: Marketing, Selling, Business Resources on the Internet  Simon Collin.
Online Marketing Handbook: How to Promote, Advertise, and Sell Your Products and Services on the Internet, 1998 Edition  Daniel S. Janal.
Marketing on the Internet: Multimedia Strategies for the World Wide Web  Jill H. Ellsworth, Matthew V. Ellsworth.
Usability Engineering  Jakob Nielsen. : Profiles of 23 Incredibly Successful Websites You've Probably Never Heard Of  Jeff Bezos, Jaclyn Easton, (Introduction).
Cybermarketing: Your Interactive Marketing Consultant  Regina Brady, Edward Forrest, American Marketing Association.
Usability Inspection Methods  Jakob Nielsen, Robert L. Mack.
Electronic Commerce: A Manager's Guide  Ravi Kalakota, Andrew B. Whinston.
Computer Intelligence: Transform Your Bottom Line with Interactive Marketing Magic  Mark Melin.
The Birth of Internet Marketing Communications:  Dan Steinbock.
Interactive Marketing: The Future Present  Edward Forrest, Richard Mizerski.
Marketing Online for Dummies  Bud E. Smith, Frank Catalano.
Selling Online for Dummies  Leslie Lundquist, Frank Catalano.
Small Business Internet for Dummies  Greg Holden.
Webonomics : Nine Essential Principles for Growing Your Business on the World Wide Web  Evan I. Schwartz.
Handbook of Usability Testing: How to Plan, Design, and Conduct Effective Tests  Jeffrey Rubin.
Email Marketing: Using Email to Reach Your Target Audience and Build Customer Relationships  Jerry I. Reitman,Jim Sterne, Anthony Priore.
Making the Cisco Connection : The Story Behind the Real Internet Superpower  Karen Southwick, David Bunnell, Adam Brate.
World Wide Web Marketing: Integrating the Web into Your Marketing Strategy (2nd Ed)  Jim Sterne.
Web Commerce Cookbook, w. CD-ROM  Gordon McComb, Gordon MacComb.
The Internet Marketing Plan : A Practical Handbook for Creating, Implementing and Assessing Your Online Presence  Kim M. Bayne, Kim Bayne.
Creating the Virtual Store: Taking Your Web Site from Browsing to Buying  Magdalena Yesil.
Electronic Marketing Sourcebook  Margo Komenar.
International User Interfaces  Elisa Del Galdo, Elisa M. del Galdo, Jakob Nielsen, .
Online Market Research: Cost-Effective Searching of the Internet and Online Databases  John F. Lescher.
The Internet Business Companion : Growing Your Business in the Electronic Age  David Angell, Brent Heslop.
Multimedia and Hypertext : The Internet and Beyond  Jakob Nielsen.
Online Auctions: The Internet Guide for Bargain Hunters and Collectors  Luanne O'Loughlin, Mary Millhollon, Jaclyn Easton.
World Wide Web Marketing: Integrating the Web into Your Marketing Strategy, 3rd Edition  Jim Sterne.
Internet et sécurité  Solange Ghernaouti-Helie, Arnaud Dufour, Que sais-je?.


For every of those books, we also recommend a selection of related books.
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